Class Chatter - blogging for the classroom

Class Chatter is a site that is approved by St. Tammany Parish because it is a secure site.
Start by navigating to Begin by creating a new teacher’s account on the system.
Click “Sign Up” to create your account. Continue past the first information page by clicking the “Sign Up Now” button in the lower right quadrant of your screen.

Read over the user agreement.
Click on the link that reads “I Agree to the Above Terms.”

Now enter your log in information. It is important you fill these fields carefully, as they will affect how you interact with the site.
Email - You must use your account as per the Electronic Communication Policy.
Teacher Name - The name you choose is how will identify you to the students
in your class. For example you may wish your teacher name to be “Mrs. Smith” or “Principal Saunders.”
Password - Choose a secure password that is unknown to anyone but you. Do not share your password with anyone.
User Name - This should be one word, and it must be unique to the system.
To finish registration you have to create a “class” within the ClassChatter system. Only the students of that class can be in the “class.” For example, if you teach 5 sections of science, 1st hour students cannot be in the same class as 2nd hour students…

Class Log In - Much like a user name, this should be unique to the system and only one word.
Class Title - This is the full name of the class, for example,“Third Period Honors English”
Class Password - Students will use this in conjunction with Students will use this in conjunction with the “Class Log In” to enter the site.

Finishing Up:
After you have finished entering your class information, the system will store your information and send you an email. You should also see a page with the log in information you entered on the site. Please Print This Page for your records you will need this information to get onto the site.


1. This document tells how to create an account.

2. This document tells how to create a class.

3. This site gives information on logging in as a student.