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Activ Inspire

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This video compares activ studio and activ inspire.

This information is taken from the Promethean Site:

1. Download activ inspire now. The program will not always be free. You can still keep activ studio or activ primary software. Do not remove these programs when you add activ inspire. They contain resources that will be carried over to the new program.
2. Go to this site to look at Tips and Tricks: http://www.prometheanplanet.com/server.php?show=nav.17508

3. If you have an existing version of ActivInspire, you need to launch the software and upgrade via the Dashboard. (Show Me).
If you are upgrading from an existing version of ActivInspire and have ActivExpression or ActiVote devices, you will need to upgrade the firmware on your devices.

4. Thinking Maps on Promethean. Search for the particular thinking map that you need, Ex. bubble map, circle map, etc. Do not type in Thinking Maps.

5. When downloading the program, download the program itself and a resource pack called "Subjects".

Key features of Activ Inspire

  • Supports ActivExpression Self-Paced Learning
  • True real-time collaboration with dual input capability
  • Rich multimedia support including sound recorder and screen recorder
  • Amazing shape recognition and handwriting recognition tools
  • Extensive customization features – create your own profile to suit your teaching style
  • Available for use on any interactive whiteboard.

[[trt/node/190|Adding a Gradient to the Background of Your ActivInspire Flipchart Page]]

Submitted by amy.boehman on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 13:24
You can add a gradient (2 colors blended into one screen) to the background of your page in ActivInspire. First, Right-click the blank flipchart page, and choose “Set Background”.

To create a gradient, select “
Fill”. Click each of the two small squares to choose 2 different colors. You will see a preview of what the screen will look like with those 2 colors in the larger square to the right. Click “Apply” and then “OK to add the gradient to the background.

Activ Inspire Quick Tips