This information was obtained from the following link: Issues, Concerns, and Fixes: Hardware/Software

Possible fix when board loses connection after period of inactivity:
1. Right Click: Desktop
2. Select: Properties
3. Select: Screensaver Tab
4. Select: Power button
5. Select: Power Schemes
6. Set all six settings to: Never

Directions for updating drivers:
1. Disconnect Promethean USB cable from computer & unplug the ActivBoard
2. In control panel select add and remove programs
3. Remove current Activdriver
4. Navigate to the computer's System32 folder in the Windows folder
5. Delete the ActivDriver file: "activeds.tlb"
6. Reboot computer
7. Install driver (Driver download is located at Promethean Planet > log in > Support > Upgrades > Active Driver > First download is for Windows)
8. Plug ActivBoard back in & connect computer back to board and calibrate.

Possible fix for various issues such as pen stops working: (please note that the directions for updating the drivers shown above is a better way to go, but these steps can be done in a "pinch".)
1. Right Click: My Computer
2. Select: Manage
3. Select: Device Manager
4. Click the "+" beside: Human Interface Devices
5. For each Promethean device listed:
------- - Right click the device
------- - Select: Update Driver

Problems with registering ActiVotes: (as "told" by Debby Acevedo)
1. When the wrong type of device showed for registration, I unplugged and re-plugged the board, restarted the program, and the right device showed.
2. After registering all devices successfully, when ActivStudio began and I clicked on the tool to begin ActiVotes, it gave me a wrong country error and wouldn't go on. To remedy this, I went to the ActivSoftware file in Program files, then drivers, then ActivControl2.exe, made a shortcut for it, then dropped the shortcut in the All Users Startup folder. It worked every time I tested it after several restarts.
Creating Folders
Box shows up after teacher searches for world maps, the box shows "Creating Folders". Box flashes red. Updated to 3.7 version, did not fix the problem. No fix yet. Try indexing shared folders in resource manager

Dull Nibb--pen works sporadically, not making good contact
If the nibb gets flat from use on one side, you can take an emory board--nail file-- and gently reshape it, round it off. If it gets flat the contact point will not be as effective. Or---check to see if the nibb has been placed in the pen up side down.)


Is there a schedule out there for general maintenance of the installed projectors? Filters are becoming clogged on the machines that were installed last year which causes the fan/bulb to go out. Tech Ops suggested that we clean them in August and in January. At DFT, have purchased a small, hand-held vacuum: custodian will vacuum the tops of the projectors and empty out the filter every month.

Pen does not work
Discovered that if you click on the board icon on the system tray, select settings, select pen tab , make sure "mouse" is selected. "Tablet" was selected on the one I worked on today and switching pen settings was all that it needed.
Update software and driver.
Check resolution
Disconnect board from outlet then reconnect

Board is not found/recognized
If unplugging the power to the board and plugging it back in doesn't work, try unplugging the USB cable from the back of the board (not the laptop or wall) and plugging it back in.
Last resort: use a printer cable to run from the back of the board directly to the laptop USB (bypassing the extender).

- District reviewed flipcharts:

- Site with Updated Activote Drivers:

- Update Driver for Activotes:

- Promethean has rolled out some image packs from DK Eyewitness (You know from the Eyewitness books). I love their images and I think this would really enhance some of your science flip charts.

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