How to make a template

How to make & organize folders

How to print on sticky notes
Sticky note template Save with a different file name

How to view 2 windows side by side

How to create Tessellations in MS Paint

MS Word Skills

**How to put a border on your page**

**How to move text anywhere on your page**

**10 O****ffice Tips**

**How to make hyperlinks in Word**

**How to turn your text sideways**

**How to use highlighter in Word**�53��54��55� �266��267��268�external image new2.gif

**How to insert a comment**�60��61��62� �273��274��275�external image new2.gif

**How to shrink your doc to fit 1 page**�67��68��69� �280��281��282�external image new2.gif

**Quick & easy formatting**�74��75��76� �287��288��289�external image new2.gif

**How to create Math equations**�81��82��83� �294��295��296�external image new2.gif

MS Excel How to create a chart, add and average data

**�92��93�How to create a poster�303��304�**

How to create a timeline How to make Excel interactive

Interactive Moon report demo

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How to create a brochure How to create a newsletter How to create BINGO games How to create a Category game How to create a Mini-Book & Author Mini book template Save with a different file name How to make bookmarks How to make a Book Review & Book Review Demo How to make a Research template How to make an Idea Web How to create a timeline How to create a Venn Diagram How to make your own Lesson Plan BookHow to make a classroom seating chart How to make desk name tents

MS PowerPoint

How to insert a digital picture

How to insert www pix

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How to download Gameshow templates Hollywood Squares, Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire �152�

How to create flashcards in PowerPoint�363� �154�How to link to another slide or slideshow�366� �155� �367��156�How to link to an Internet site�368��157� �369��158�How to put a PowerPoint slideshow on the Web �370��159�How to take your slideshow to another computer �371��160�How to change all your slides at one time �372�PowerPoint Resources More tutorials, clipart, backgrounds, using PPT in the classroom �166�How to make an animated slideshow�375� Jack o Lantern PPT demo download PPT XP **How to create a slideshow** **How to view, loop, and merge your slideshow** How to create a Photo Album How to play music during your PPT presentation How to run your slideshow in time with music How to make a digital story bookexternal image new2.gifAdding clipart and a background Adding navigation buttons Adding sound Adding sound effects Digital Cameras / Using Images How to insert pictures and callouts**How to insert a watermark** �194�Citing an image �398� Pictures in Moviemakerexternal image new2.gif Pictures in iMovieexternal image new2.gif MS PowerPoint PhotoAlbumexternal image new2.gif Picasa introexternal image new2.gif How to make a Picasa Web Albumexternal image new2.gif MS PhotoStory 3 Introexternal image new2.gif Scrapblog onlineexternal image new2.gif How to insert pix into WordArt Introducing the Sony Mavica Digital Camera How to move your digital image & add a border How to make a page of student pictures The Picture Toolbar The MS Photo Editor Toolbar The MS Photo Editor Menubar

external image tinyapple3.gif Creating Web Pages �216�Create a web page with Netscape Composer�425� **Fonts & Graphics Resources** Using Google Page Creator (free and easy) external image new2.gif

Internet ExplorerHow to change the font size **How to create a Hotlist** **How to create bookmarks on the toolbar** **How to change your Home page** **How to make Favorite folders in Internet Explorer**