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PBWorks is supported by St. Tammany Parish for use with your students.
Here's how to get set up. Below that is some general information on wikis.
This site by Edtechinnovators has some excellent resources and information http://www.edtechinnovators.com/EdTechInnovators/Tammany.html .
Creating an Account in PBWorks
Step 1:
Start by navigating to https://plans.pbworks.com/academic/. Click on “FREE” account.
Follow prompts.

Choose Your Address – Type a recognizable name in this box. If your name is John Smith and you type “JSmith,” your address will become http://JSmith.pbworks.com.
Agree to Non-Commercial Use – Click in the box.
Create Your Account – You must use your real name and your stpsb.org email. Choose a password.

Click Next.
Step 2:
Now, go to your stpsb.org email. You will have an email from PBWORKS with the subject:
“Use your new PBworks workspace now”
Click on the link that has been created for you. This will verify your email address and take you to the wiki.
Step 3:
Once back to PBWORKS, you will be asked to choose your workspace’s security settings. The setting we have to use on both questions is “only people I invite or approve.”
Click on “I agree to the PBWORKS terms of service. “

Step 4:
Click on “Take me to workspace.” After you get there, you can log out. Our presenters will be doing more of this with you.

Wikis -
Wiki Basics Document: http://educationalwikis.wikispaces.com/file/view/Welcome+to+the+world+of+wikis.pdf
Wiki Walk Through: http://www.teachersfirst.com/content/wiki/
Wiki Video- in Plain English

When you think of a wiki you may think of Wikipedia. Wikipedia seems like a giant dictionary with many links. You can create wikis for your classroom. In a wiki you can add information to a web document. If you set up the wiki, you can decide who adds the information and content. You can decide who looks at the wiki. So a wiki is a good place to have students create, design, and store projects in a secure location. Our parish server currently does not block

Classroom Wikis
TechnTuit - About Wikis

  • Wikis: Wikis and Wiki platforms, are the most powerful of the Web 2.0 tools. You can do anything with a Wiki," from embedding all kinds of content to promoting collaboration to creating an entire community all on a single platform.

Wiki Ideas